The Bora Bora Group, always focused on the firm purpose of providing experiences and providing an exclusive, high-quality tourist service that positively impacts the relationship with its clients, collaborators, suppliers and the community; aware and pleased with the environmental and socio-cultural environment offered by the Corales del Rosario archipelago, destination of its business activity and very soon at a national and international level, it is committed to developing it, in a sustainable manner through the conservation, protection and optimal management of its resources, as well as strengthening social and cultural responsibility with respect to local communities, supporting the services and products of the region and promoting good environmental, sociocultural and economic practices, through the adoption of conservation plans, also encouraging the minimization of the negative impacts generated by the provision of our services.

We have the support of our professional, competent and human quality staff, in constant training and growth, thus guaranteeing the continuous improvement of processes.

In a responsible and safe manner, we promote the richness of our tourist sites, gastronomy, culture, artistic expressions and customs of the region.

We support the prevention of Exploitation labor and commercial sexual relations of girls, boys and adolescents, CSEC, in compliance with current legislation, plans and policies.


Bora Bora Group is committed to tourism sustainability, implementing environmental protection programs, controlling the negative impacts that may be generated by our activities and enhancing the positive ones, raising awareness among clients and suppliers, and training our collaborators in protection. of flora and fauna, comprehensive management of solid, liquid and hazardous waste, wastewater discharges. Management is committed to the ongoing monitoring and monitoring of environmental programs to ensure continuous improvement.


- Find out about the destination to visit to follow the recommendations of said territory or natural area.

- Promote responsible behavior with the care of the flora and fauna of the region.

- Some clients are curious and eager for information, avoid taking selfies with wild animals or feeding them. Handle information about attractions and activities responsibly and truthfully.

- Prevent negative impacts, being an example is the best way to teach behavior.

- It is not possible for any reason. collect, market and traffic plant or animal species that do not have the respective permits and licenses granted by the competent environmental authorities.

- It is also not viable to market or consume species or products derived from prohibited flora and fauna or according to bans established by law. To carry out sustainable tourism we need:

- Always make efficient use of natural resources.

- Do not waste.

- Follow the instructions on handling proper waste disposal.

- Recycle whenever possible.

- Deposit the waste in the bags or containers provided for this purpose.


All cultural assets and values ​​that are an expression of Colombian nationality in any form are cultural heritage and especially the coral archipelago of Nuestra Señora del Rosario is a territory that fully expresses all the charity of our territory and that is why that we are committed to respecting, preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the diverse communities and traditions of the region and local communities like Orika, promoting them economically and socially through actions such as:

- Promotion of cultural exchange between our clients and local communities without compromising any tradition or belief.

- Publicizing the historical and/or cultural importance of the tourist attractions of the region.

- Responsibly respect the culture, traditions, customs and habits of the region.

- Visibility and promotion of your craft work.

We invite all our clients, suppliers and collaborators to improve the quality of life of the communities and populations we visit, joining each of these initiatives and to promote and support the development and cultural, economic and social sustainability of all communities. local by purchasing and consuming local.


Commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (CSEC) is illegal in the country and it is our job to prevent and report any event that has to do with this exploitation.

We reject any form of exploitation. child labor that affects the health, integrity and safety of children and adolescents. We are committed to Non-discrimination or exclusion of vulnerable populations and respect for diversity within the organization.

The hiring of collaborators and suppliers will occur under fair and equitable conditions according to availability of the market and current applicable legislation. We prefer to work with locally based suppliers who are aligned with our policies, legally constituted, ideally those who also have a sustainability certification.